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CLAVIERS BAROQUES -- what we're up to these days -- updated October 15, 2007

September 15, 2007 -- You can meet us and try our instruments at the The Toronto Early Music Centre 's annual fall fair, the third Saturday of September. We are always there. It will be at historic Montgomery's Inn again this year, we recommend their historic high tea, it is tasty, fun, and good value.

Canadian single Stella has gone to her lady in Scarborough, Marie Antoinette is nearly ready for her gentleman in Paris (ON), and four more Canadian singles -- Guy, Alcina, who will be a single-strung rental instrument, one as yet unnamed for a gentleman in Toronto, and Morphine -- are in progress as well as a Bermudo named Oliver. And we just keep having ideas for beautiful instruments. Photo-documentaries in process, promise -- it's hard to build and write at the same time! Oh, and did we ever tell you about our ebony jacks?

We just got back from follow-up visits to two of our "Althea" type Canadian singles, 'le reunis des gouts' in Milwaukee WI and Lirit, delived to her lady in Indiana in May of 2002. A full report is coming as soon as Dawn finds her cheese hat.

We are building a harpsichord for the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra and the School of Music and Ballet in Baghdad (they share a building and instruments) to replace theirs which was destroyed last spring. We'll let you know as that project progresses, so far we are just stockpiling parts, every time we make something for our Guy or Morphine we make an extra for them. We are not getting paid for this, so it may take a while, but we have already received some donations (thank you!) to help out with the materials. The American Society of Friends (Quakers) have kindly offered to arrange safe delivery of the harpsichord to Baghdad when it is done.

The Sonderberg (Copenhagen) square piano (ca 1820) has been restored, we are happy to report that it is a success. Looks great, sounds fabulous, photos to come.

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